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Can I get a refund if I register the wrong name?
Sorry, no you can't. Once a domain name is registered the name registries do not allow reversals.
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How long does it take for my web site to be active after registering my domain?
As long as you have ordered a hosting account as well it can take up to approximately 72 hours...
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I don't like my domain name. Can I change it?
Yes you can. You will of course have to register a new domain name at your cost but you can use a...
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I registered my domain name elsewhere. How do I transfer it to Jade Web Design & Hosting?
Yes, click on our domain registration page as if you are registering a new domain and you will be...
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If I register my domain name with you does it automatically point to your server?
Yes it does. However it can take up to approximately 72 hours for your name to be propogate...
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Which domain names can I host with Jade Web Design & Hosting?
You can host domain names with any extension at all. However if you wish to register a domain...
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Which nameservers do I point my domain name to if I registered it elsewhere?
The Jade Web Design & Hosting nameservers are as follows. Nameserver 1. NS1.JADEWEB.COM.AU...
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