E-Commerce Systems

How many of your website visitors are turning into customers? We will help make your ecommerce website your most effective selling tool.

  • E-Commerce SystemsOur e-commerce design process helps increase conversion rates.
  • Jade Web Design integrate your website with social media to help users engage with you online.
  • Jade Web Design e-commerce content management system gives you full control.
  • Jade Web Design have solutions to fit every budget.

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We help you select the right e-commerce system to suit your store. 
We train you how to maintain your online store with minimal fuss.

Accepting payments on your  online store.
Many clients ask what is the safest way to accept payments online.  That really depends on the client and the type of store.

For larger known brands it is best to put systems in place for both credit card transactions and for popular payment gateways.

Smaller clients we recommend only using known payment gateway systems as these instill peace of mind in clients who are not yet sure really who you are. 

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems empower you with the ability to keep your content up to date with no fuss. Saving you money and keeping your clients well informed.

Content Management Systems
  • Jade Web Design uses only the best content management systems not overpriced custom systems many promote.
  • Existing CMS have thousands of plugins, modules and components available saving you money.
  • Jade Web Design recommends the best content management system to suit your business requirements. Not one that makes us more money.

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Using the right content management system is not a matter of just picking one at random.
We analyse your individual requirements then customise the system to suit your business. 

What is a Content Management System?
A content managment system allows you, the web site owner, to make changes to your web site, add news articles and updates to your site and manage all content on your web site.  This saves you money and time and allows you to keep your web site information up to date with no fuss. 

Jade Web Design train all our clients in the use of their content
managment systems and help is only a phone call away.

Where required Jade Web Design also can update your information for you and by using a CMS for this it saves us time and you money. A win win situation no matter which way you prefer your information to be kept up to date. 

Overview of Our Web Design Services

With our Web Design, Development, Marketing and Branding services, Jade Web Design can take your business to the next level.

Jade Web Design
  • Jade Web Design sites are designed to generate, high-volume traffic.
  • Jade Web customized design and development provides higher conversion rates.
  • Jade Web Design sites and SEO services enhance your online presence.

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We develop web sites that are not only visually compelling, but have the
functionality and advanced programming to deliver leads, clients and revenues.

Web Site Design   Content Management Systems   E-Commerce Systems

Web Site Development

You have 5 seconds to keep a new visitor on your website.  Jade Web Design is  here to make sure your visitors not only stay longer on your site, but also turn into customers.

  • We know why most web sites fail to achieve business objectives.
  • Our methodology is proven for each industry.
  • Jade Web knows how to turn web sites into income generators.

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Jade Web Design utilises the latest, and best of current internet technology, content
management systems
and e-commerce systems to ensure your web site is a success.

What our clients have to say
Please don't think that the commitment and amount of effort you put into the site went unnoticed. The quality of the website is truly well beyond what I might have expected when I first came up with the idea of starting this business. I've received a great deal of positive feedback on the website from my clients and in fact, have not received one negative comment so far.
Rod Whyte
Welfare Watchdog
Marksman Homes based in Figtree NSW commissioned Jim Davis from Jade Web Design to create our web site. Jim followed our requirements and used his experience to create a workable, simple to use site capable of being loaded onto any home computer with minimum speed capability. We are happy with his service and have no hesitation in recommending Jade Web Design to you.
John McKenna
Marksman Homes